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Prawo Biznesu – Tomasz Kaszura

Tomasz Kaszura

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A lot of people these days do not understand the concept of money and they usually call currency money. But currencies like euros, pounds or dollars are not a store of value over a long period of time thus cannot be called money. Since the establishment of Federal Reserve in US in 1913 the dollar […]

Praxeology for designers

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Praxeology is a science about human action. It was applied in field of economics by Ludwig Von Mises in his economic treaty “Human action”. In praxeology we use verbal deduction to prove certain facts. Those facts become axioms — statements regarded as obvious. The fundamental axiom of praxeology is human action, a fact that humans act in […]

Is your company a good product?

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Be it a small of big company, creative agency or grocery store, service or product your business should at some point run by itself. In the end that was the final objective, to gain some more freedom, right? Unfortunately most of the companies represent a chaotic collection of individuals just trying to get things done […]

How to design products in context of human emotions?

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Current design strategies besides considering functional and aesthetics features of products focus on implementing practices that enable understanding emotions of the user. A lot of research has been done in this area, resulting in innovative approaches to new product development. Research question “How to design products in context of human emotions?” aims to find out […]