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Prawo Biznesu – How to design products in context of human emotions?

How to design products in context of human emotions?

How to design products in context of human emotions?

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PDD Ltd approached a brief that asked for developing “a strategic, emotionally driven connection between brand and the male youth grooming market.” (Crossley 2004: 37;) PDD ltd claims that “there appears to be a gap in methodologies used for understanding people and their emotions” (Crossley 2004: 37;). Thus instead of traditional approach to the project, which would depend on designers’ subjective ideas, design team organised 3-month research project in order to understand the experiences of everyday life of grooming youth. Designers were split on core team that was immersed totally into the everyday life of youth people and “larger multidisciplinary team that was involved at key stages(Crossley 2004: 39;) Immersion of the design team based on time-sharing with family and friends of user group in order to get an insight on their relationships and everyday experiences. Designers and designers-researchers built up with the gathered information “a contextual map using videos, still photos, maps and cultural items” (Crossley 2004: 37;) what was meant to help the team to understand better an environment that the grooming youths lived in.
In conclusion, designers could gain a new look at “big questions” such as “what the design team thought was ‘cool’ “. However in the PDD research report, where statement was made that redefinition and re-evaluation of the common notions helped the designers to significantly influence their work output, reader is not presented with any example of concepts generated by designers . Thus objective analysis of this approach efficiency is obstructed.

KVD, an Amsterdam based design agency came up with more systematised approach to experience-based emotional design proposing a FIT and HIT strategy. Again it is difficult to state when this strategy was introduced for the first time and what where the design practices before, because of dificuties with data collection.
The new strategy assume that in FIT process designer should fit a product in “sociological, demographical, technical, political as well as psychological context” (Dijk, Konings 2004: 35;). Then conclusions from this phase are to be analysed in context of “the concern of the consumer with the product” (Dijk, Konings 2004: 35;) the HIT factor, what is meant to elicit emotion.

Emotional design became a serious preoccupation in many design companies and institutions. Majority of sources consider it as a new way of creating more successful and fitting products. Thus research about emotional design seems to be of great importance for any design-oriented individual.

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Tomasz Kaszura

University of Wolverhampton


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